Sunday, February 21, 2010

If Circket were a US sport then......

1. There would be a MLC: Major league of Cricket
2. There would be a Minor league of Cricket
3. There would be several US and Canadian teams in the fray (well, maybe only two Canadian teams)
4. Test cricket and ODI's would be dead and buried
5. The Cricket season would begin and coincide with hockey season.
6. Most of the games would be played indoors
7. Umpires would wear protective gear on the face and chest and .. you know where
8. Boundary lines would be very very clearly defined
9. The ball would be changed every five overs
10. Pitches would be artificially laid and controlled by the BCCA (Board of Cricket control America)
11. Chucking would be electronically tested regularly via video evidence and Afridi, Murali & Akhtar would be retired
12. There would be a massive hall of fame in Biloxi, Mississippi
13. Cricketing merchandise would be in teenagers cloaks
14. Cricket cards would be traded
15. The Dominican republic and Peurto Rican players would dominate 'pinch hitting' and 'fast bowling'
16. Every fielder would wear wicket-keeper gloves
17. A very long version of 'take me out to the ball game' would be sung
18. Obama would make a great speech on the 'history of cricket' before the first pitch of the season
19. The entire Indian cricket team would play at the Golden State Warriors venue
20. Every player would be randomly dope tested.
21. Mohd Asif would be given a brief reference next to Barry Bonds' picture in the baseball hall of fame
22. Tendulkar would make another $100 Million by jumping franchises till his body breaks down
23. The Aussie team would be disciplined for racism and annoyance

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