Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Subway: The Anti-Jared way

Subway: The Anti-Jared way

About four years ago Subway started their signature restaurants in India. Slowly and steadily and against popular belief they spread across the country. Today, most major cities have a few of them open in town and in the burbs. My first experience of a subway sandwich was very interesting. It wasn't as much of what I'd ordered, but, what some of the people over there were ordering that made my experience so special it was worth mentioning. To my delight I found that the turkey club that I so often ate in the US was available here too !! In fact, in a few months time I realized that the pile of turkey slices was only moving when I was arriving at the restaurant. When I ordered perhaps my tenth sandwich over a course of months I asked the cashier and he confirmed that I was the only one eating that sandwich. Which meant that the turkey slices were that much older than I thought. Anyway, after I was done ordering there was a couple who ordered two 6" sandwiches and I was hanging around while my combo was being made. I got just enough time to see what they were getting. They ordered a veggie sandwich with all the veggies..... great !! perhaps the best health snack. After all the veggies were stuffed into the  sandwich the real tragedy began. It was as though the Jared in their brain kind of died. They went on to add a tub full of mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar followed by double the amount of cheese and a honey-mustard dressing. The husband was even more zealous and asked them to add some more of the sauces in his sandwich. After a while, the veggies looked very small in quantity as compared to the sauces. Then they took a table next to ours and a splurge of sauce mixture spilled through one end of the sandwich on the table. The woman muttered something and laughed at the incident. All through their meal they were telling each other how their sandwich was the best. I think I did a mental count of the number of calories in the sandwich and realized that my mental calculator didn't have enough spaces to store the number. If I were to eat one of such sandwiches I would starve for a week after gagging and throwing up the whole thing. Sorry for the picture, but, this was not the last one. Virtually every visit to multiple subways I've found people ordering the super fattening sandwich. Lovingly I've started calling it the Anti-Jared sandwich-- animal style :-)

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  1. Now that you've mentioned, I have observed the same habit with desis here(few happen to be my friends too..) who probably hate raw veggies, but have no other choice and get a little extra of every possible dressing across the counter.