Sunday, February 21, 2010

Top 20 things one learns about Australia

1. The population of Australia is a little more than the population of Mumbai

2. Stores and shopping closes at 5:00 PM

3. The Aussie dollar is worth $0.75, but, everything is priced at 200% of its value in the USA

4. GM makes and actually sells cars under the name 'Holden' and they sport a strange looking logo.

5. When you see the word 'ECO-' in front of anything just RUN.... (Eco-Resort, Eco-hotel etc)

6. The currency feels like plastic and it probably is

7. You tend to be on day long bus rides to see something you have already seen before.

8. Its the only country with the foot-long penguins and you're not supposed to photograph them because they're camera shy

9. Theme parks are 'diet' versions of parks in the USA

10. If there were no opera house or an international air hub in Sydney.... no one would visit it.

11. A meal in a roadside restaurant is an arm and a leg and ironically its not of the chicken.. its yours

12. You can speak australian if you tied a heavy weight to your lower jaw

13. The only sport played and watched in Australia is Aussie rules football... no cricket, no rugby

14. Aussie coin denominations get bigger in size with reducing value

15. The Koala is NOT a bear. It's a marsupial belonging to the Kangaroo family and has a pouch too

16. The only place really worth visiting in Australia is Cairns and a coral island.. the only thing unique

17. The greatest manufacturing achievement of Australia (which they so proudly proclaim) is 'Vegemite'. A locally synthesized bread-spread developed by a half-mad scientist with an anorexic child. Not surprising then that it tastes like concentrated phenyle solution in chocolate gone bad. (not that i have tried that)

18. Australia is in recession.... well whatever they have as an economy is in recession

19. There are 'bicycle gangs' of the Mafia indicating that gasoline is expensive and unaffordable.

20. Australia is beautiful, but, if someone pays me to go to Australia again even with a 1st class upgrade..... I wont

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