Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The newspaper boy stealing papers incident

I was out for my morning walk when I encountered a bunch of newspapers on the sidewalk. These are usually wrapped up and delivered to their respective paying owners well before my time to go out for my walk, but, it seemed precariously late to have a newspaper set lying out there on the middle of the sidewalk this late. As I approached the bundle the delivery boy was standing next to his delivery bike waiting for the next bundle to be tied to the bike. Suddely, a chap came running from across the street and grabbed a paper from the bundle. Just as a couple of cars passed by, he quickly ran across the street crossing it dangerously close to a bike. As he crossed the street he got trapped in some loose tiles and tripped and fell. Somehow he gathered himself (with the fear of being caught stealing a newspaper) and starting running again. All through the delivery boy was yelling at him "abbe eh bhaag mat chutiye, woh aaj free wala paper hein"... translation : " dont run asshole, its the free edition" :-)) Aparently, Hindustan Times was doing a free paper day in our area that day.

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